Photowalk at Thamel – One colour challenge

Luckily, I was free for the day and got an opportunity to join a photowalk organised by friends from Photowalk Nepal. The photowalk on December 30, 2017 was scheduled from 2:00pm onwards at Thamel with a theme of "one colour challenge". We met exactly at the scheduled time infront of Sanchaykos Bhawan in Thamel where Mr. … Continue reading Photowalk at Thamel – One colour challenge


Pokhara trip photographs

During mid of November 2017, me and my family managed some time to go to Pokhara. You can say it was the first family trip that we ever had. We were out for a total of three days and we managed to visit most of the famous tourist destinations during the trip including (but not … Continue reading Pokhara trip photographs

Indra Jatra Vibes – Yosin Thanegu (योसिं थनेगु)

Indra Jatra, locally known as Yenya by the Newars of Kathmandu Valley is an eight-day long festival celebrated in Kathmandu Valley. Indra Jatra is definitely the festival which is celebrated in the grandest scale. One can witness pulling of chariots, living goddess Kumari, many cultural dances, dhime bajas and what not during the course of … Continue reading Indra Jatra Vibes – Yosin Thanegu (योसिं थनेगु)