Choosing the best headphones

Traveling can sometimes get really tiring and the best partner you can have is – yes you guessed it right – MUSIC. Carrying a portable pair of good headphones is really a good idea and that is why you can find me with one every time I travel. I happen to own two Sony headphones … Continue reading Choosing the best headphones


My shot at Macro Photography

Last week, I had the previledge of visiting Himalayan Heights Resort, popularly known as Hattiban Resort in Pharping at the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal. The road to the resort sure was horrible considering the expansion work going in the area, but once we reached the resort I totally forgot about the road conditions. The resort … Continue reading My shot at Macro Photography

Indra Jatra Vibes – Yosin Thanegu (योसिं थनेगु)

Indra Jatra, locally known as Yenya by the Newars of Kathmandu Valley is an eight-day long festival celebrated in Kathmandu Valley. Indra Jatra is definitely the festival which is celebrated in the grandest scale. One can witness pulling of chariots, living goddess Kumari, many cultural dances, dhime bajas and what not during the course of … Continue reading Indra Jatra Vibes – Yosin Thanegu (योसिं थनेगु)

How to take a photo with a blurred background

This is one of the basics and preliminary questions when it comes to photography, "How to take a photo with a blurred background?". The reason is quite simple. A blurred background (bokeh) with the subject in focus makes the photo pleasing to look. Even I rushed to learn this technique when I first got a … Continue reading How to take a photo with a blurred background