Clouds Timelapse

Today was somewhat of an extreme day in Kathmandu. The afternoon was very hot. So we did not dare to move out of the house but planned of going out some time during the late afternoon. Since I had nothing to do for the whole day, I though of making a time lapse video. Morning sky was pretty clear with traces of clouds. So my idea was to capture the movement of those monsoon clouds. As the day progressed, the clouds began to cover the sky and at around 4 in the afternoon (when we had planned to go out), dark clouds hovered above Kathmandu and it started to rain heavily.

At the end of the timelapse video, you can see the huge dark cloud above us which brought some heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, due to lack of protection, I couldn’t continue with the timelapse shoot, and neither could we go out. Otherwise, I guess it would have been a really awesome video.

Enjoy the timelapse video of Kathmandu’s monsoon sky.



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