Adapting my Nikon lens to a Sony body

This past Saturday, I had the Sony NEX 5 camera with me with the Metabones Nikon to Sony adapter. The adapter was a manual one which meant once I mounted my Nikon lenses on the Sony body, I would not be able to use the autofocus. Since I am no good with manual focusing, I didn’t dare to try the combo out on the streets. Instead, in the evening I shot some flowers on my rooftop using the Sony NEX 5 and the Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens with the Metabones adapter.

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Being a mirrorless camera, the NEX 5 was able to show me exactly how my photos would come out even before I pressed the shutter. Any changes I made in the shutter speed, aperture or ISO was instantly seen on the screen. On top of this, the Manual Focus Assist on the camera was very handy. It zoomed the image to 7x and 14x which helped to fine tune my focus. I know that the newer version of the NEX 5 along with the latest cameras like the alpha 6000, 6300 and the 6500 have a focus peaking option which works better than the Manual focus assist feature by outlining the area that is in focus.

Click on the images below to view larger sized photos.



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