Bajrayogini Jatra festival in Sankhu

Sankhu is a small town at the outskirts of Kathmandu and is located some 17 kms east of the capital. One can reach there in an hour or so from Kathmandu but this time will dramatically reduce to about 30 minutes or less once the road is upgraded.

Culturally, Sankhu is famous for two events; the Salinadi mela and the Bajrayogini Jatra festival. The Bajrayogini jatra is celebrated every year in the month of April (Chaitra/Baishak) where the idols of the Gods from the Bajrayogini temple (some 30-45 minutes uphill hike from the core town of Sankhu) are brought down to the town and carried around the entire town on the day of Mhu Jatra.

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Gubajus (priests) accompany the idols of the two big idols Mhasukhwamaju (literal translation: yellow faced goddess) and Chibadya (the chaitya/stupa shaped idol – husband of Mhasukhwamaju) while two small idols Singli and Byangli (Singhini: Lioness and Baghini: Tigress, children of Mhasukhwamaju and Chibadya) are carried in smaller chariots by  the children of the community.

Here’s a short video of the procession:


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